So, i read this awful article using bathroom “scare tactics,” which was claiming that trans women are potential rapists. “Men” who dress as women to gain access to women only spaces and force them self on women. This really upset me and i had a bit of a Twitter rant. They were read by others and i was urged to post them in other media also, so i am posting them here. (Edited together in easy reading format from top to bottom.)

This is the link in the first tweet about how there are no cases of a trans woman attacking a cis woman in public restrooms: Link 1.

This is the link in the second tweet about the cases where trans people are assaulted in the bathroom by cis people: Link 2.

if you’re cis and you follow me i’m gonna need you to reblog this

don’t care if you’re cis or trans, this is important.

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you people have absolutely no critical thinking skills

one is a disrespectful, extremely inaccurate and highly romanticized and steteotyped ‘interpretation’ of native american imagery, appropriated to serve as a novel, kitschy piece of native culture that for white people to consume and use as they please, while actual native americans are having their culture, languages and land stolen from them.

the other is a fictional comic book character, playing a fictional race of peoples, that is loosely based on norse myth. without Idris playing that role, the entire population of asgard would have been as pale as the driven snow. this is a film meant for a modern, global audience but you want less PoC in it? and if you’re going to argue that it would have been ‘historically accurate’ for all norse gods to be white then you can go throw yourself into a pile of horse shit because the idea that anything in the Thor movies or comics is ‘historically accurate’ is extremely ludicrous.

so you can all stop with the inane comparisons now and go back to eating your mayo and crackers or whatever it is white people do when they’re not screwing over other races.

You people have absolutely no critical thinking critical thinking skills.

One is a disrespectful, extremely inaccurate and highly romanticized ‘interpretation’ of a norse god, appropriated to serve as a novel, kitschy piece of norse culture for Pickers of Cotton to use as entertainment as they please while northern europeans are having their culture, nations and women raped by immigrants. 

The other is a costume made for children to wear on halloween that is loosely based on old American Indian clothing. 

So you can stop with the inane complaining now and go back to eating fried chicken and watermelon or whatever it is black people do when they’re not sponging off of the achievements of other races.  

Don’t you love it when racists prove your point for you and look like absolutely the most deplorable kind of human trash while doing so?

They also made Hogun an East Asian man, but I see everybody wanna come for the Black folks who get any type of screen time.

Like antiblackness is so fucking real.

this OP gave me diarrhea

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Japanese Food Porn

I need it all


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My anaconda will consider it

My anaconda has, upon review of the information presented with it’s partners, decided that it, in fact, does not. My anaconda apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause and thanks you for your time.

Re: Your Anaconda,

Thank you for your consideration. Please keep my cover letter and resume in your files in case of any future openings. Good luck in all future endeavors.

Yours, etc.
A bunless hun

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When disabled people say they don’t want to be treated differently, we mean we don’t want to hear your voice go up 5 million octaves as you talk to us like we’re toddlers, or see your face contort into a big plastic smile when you see us. 

We mean, treat us with the respect and dignity a human being has every right to.

We do not mean, ignore our disability and hold us to abled standards. 

Abled people just don’t get that.

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Reblogging because I want all of my followers to be aware of just how much you can do in Photoshop, and how little of what you see on posters, in magazines and of pictures on the internet etc. are necessarily real. 

Imagine how the model feels, too. She was hired to be the most beautiful, but they still had to change her because her beauty wasn’t enough.

Not only is the general body distortion completely gross, but notice that they lighten her skin color. This is a white, blonde model, and they make her whiter. Actual white people aren’t even the ideal whiteness, so can you even imagine what models with dark skin have to endure in this industry?

so for all you girls that ask “Why can’t I look like the girls in magazines” it’s because the girls in magazines don’t even look like the girls in magazines.

yeah but


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i told my mom i was gonna exercise and she laughed at me

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Finally, I Get To Know What They Mean

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